Условия и положения

Основные правила

    4Bazzar Platform (hereinafter referred to as the Platform) is a platform connecting farmers, landlords, transporters and buyers for agricultural purposes.
    General rules:
    - Anyone who has reached the age of 18 is entitled to have the Platform membership and the administration of the Platform (hereinafter referred to as the Administration) has the right to deny the account verification of any member who has not reached the age of 18 without any prior notice; and to terminate all of his financial accounts as soon as the account is closed.
    - No member has a right to open more than one account by using more than one email at the same time, and the Administration has a right to freeze or cancel the exceeding accounts with the termination of all account related operations without any liability on the Platform.
    - All the members of the Platform shall acknowledge that the Platform offers society services and connects its members. Therefore, Platform shall never be held responsible regarding the business relations between its members.
    - Disputes arising from consumer rights, legal obligations or from law applicable to the provisions of the Platform services will be resolved between the members of the Platform (farmers, buyers, transporters, landlords and etc).
    - The member shall choose a secret username and password to use while entering the Platform and s/he shall agree to disclose requested information. S/he shall be also responsible in particular for the confidentiality of the information related to his account and the confidential password and specifying the persons allowed to access and use his/her 4Bazzar account.
    - The Platform shall not be held responsible in any way for any loss that may be caused to the members directly or indirectly, or any moral or material loss as a result of the disclosure of the username, password and/or any other information.
    - Each member shall compensate to the Platform any losses and/or damages incurred as a result of any unlawful or authorized use of the account by member or by any other person who obtained the keys to access the respective 4Bazzar account whether it was to perform services or otherwise by using username and password of a member, whether or not the member authorizes.
    - Each member shall acknowledge that all the disclosed information is true, correct, up-to-date and complete, and this information must also express the client, and correspond to what is required in the registration form at the Platform.
    - The Platform shall keep completely confidential any personal information and contact addresses indicated by each member.
    - Each member shall acknowledge that s/he agrees to provide the Platform with any information or documents immediately upon request. If the applicant is a company representative, he is obligated to provide all the required information and documents related to the company, including, but not limited to, the commercial license, and any other documents that show the responsibility of any person acting on behalf of the company.
    - Membership to the Platform is free, but the Platform has the right to impose fees on sellers when completing deals and when selling their products through the Platform, and there will be advertising fees that are optionally imposed if requested and that is used to promote respective products on the Platform.
    - The membership to the Platform signifies the final acceptance of the members to these terms and conditions.
    - These terms and conditions apply to anyone and any transactions made through the Platform.
    - Each member shall use the Platform in accordance with these terms and conditions, for legitimate purposes and in a legal way, and each member shall comply with the applicable laws and regulations.
    - It is not permissible to use any of the Platform in any way that might cause the interruption or hindrance of any of the Platform in any way that might cause harm to others.
    - The Platform has the right to approve the display of products, their presentation and commercial offers, after reviewing and checking them, and it has the right to amend, suspend or delay the listing or deletion of products.
    - The terms and conditions of our terms and conditions of use and disclaimers are subject to many continuous updates according to our need and in a way that guarantees the best services to 4Bazzar visitors, and any update or amendment of the terms and conditions of use and the disclaimer is effective immediately upon posting on 4Bazzar, and any new features or tools added to the platform are subject to these terms, and once you continue to use the platform, this means your acceptance of these terms and conditions.
    - The Platform provides services, technical support throughout the week, 24 hours a day, except for the interruption due to any maintenance, update or force majeure conditions. We reserve the right to make any automatic or manual updates at any time without prior notice.
    - The Platform is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, incidental or consequential, private or exceptional, which may arise from the use of, or the inability to use the Platform, or what may result from any delay in operation, communication failure, internet access problems, or equipment or software malfunctions.
    - The Platform is not responsible for conditions resulting from various incidents such as lightning strikes, floods, civil disturbances or other causes that are beyond the control of the Platform and cannot be controlled.
    - The Platform may provide links to other companies' websites, but we do not bear any responsibility or accountability for the actions, products or content of these companies. Therefore, the terms and conditions of the Platform must be reviewed.
    - The Platform makes registration available to both farmers and transporters, as the platform provides them with electronic services that allow them and anyone to sell or offer products and services to buyers from all over the world and facilitate the termination of commercial transactions. Accordingly, the contract concluded at the end of the sale of these products for these parties is between the buyer and the farmer or the transporter only. The Platform is not a party to this contract and do not bear any responsibility arising from or in connection with this contract, and we do not act as an agent for them.
    - All agreements, notifications, disclosures or other communications that we send to you electronically meet all legal requirements.
    - The Platform offers electronic sales invoices in PDF format, in your account on the Platform or correspondence sent through the Platform.
    - In the event that official and regulatory authorities request to view any sales deals made through the Platform, the Platform is obliged to provide all of your data or the product and service offered.
    - Any information, data or content used in the Platform is protected by the law, copyright and all property rights regimes, and it is not permitted in any way to sell, license, rent, modify, copy, upload, reprint, transfer, distribute, display, edit or create any works that are derived from the content of the Platform, and the images and graphics on the Platform are protected by the system, and may not be copied or exploited in any way.
    - Invalidity of any provision of these rules on the grounds, under applicable laws and regulations, does not lead to invalidity of whole terms and conditions. In such cases, the Platform shall replace the provisions as soonest as possible, which became invalid, with provisions, which let reaching of the positive result.
    - All provisions and regulations applicable exclusively in the law of England and Wales apply to this terms and conditions with all dealings and disputes that may arise from your use of the platform.
    Rules on farmers:
    Any member registered as a seller of the products, fertilizers and/or landlord shall be deemed as a farmer.
    - A farmer shall undertake to provide all documents that prove his/her personal and commercial identity, and not impersonate any person other than his true personality.
    - A farmer shall commit to display agricultural goods and products that belong only to him/her and do not display any prohibited, suspicious or stolen products or any products that are in violation of the laws and regulations.
    - A farmer is committed to provide the offered quantities of agricultural goods and products, which must be of high quality and conform to the reality in the Platform, and s/he alone bears the responsibility of any errors caused by him/her or his/her representative.
    - A farmer shall commit that all mentioned weights and numbers of products and goods are real weights and net numbers.
    - A farmer shall commit to the rates offered by the Platform, provided that they are in US dollars, and bears any errors caused by them or the person who represents them.
    - A farmer is obligated to bear all expenses that may arise as a result of a violation of obligations towards buyers and/or any third parties within the Platform.
    Rules of buyers:
    A registered member with the purpose of buying, importing and/or exporting agricultural products, leasing lands and etc. shall be deemed as a buyer.
    - A buyer shall provide correct information, and not impersonate any person other than his own.
    - A buyer shall provide all proof of personal, legal and corporate identity upon request.
    - Before purchasing any product, a buyer should review all the details and the possibility of shipping if any, and the specific fees that will be calculated on operations and a buyer shall pay them once the invoices for operations are issued on the Platform.
    - Upon completion of the purchase process for products and/or goods, all amount become due immediately and cannot be canceled, unless authorized by the farmer/seller to do so. A buyer will bear the shipping costs for the merchandise the farmer/seller agrees to return.
    - A buyer has a right the check the delivered goods/products in terms of quantity, quality, assortment and packaging. In case of the delivery of defective products in terms of quantity, quality, assortment and packaging, a buyer shall inform the administration of the Platform within 10 (ten) calendar days of the delivery date.
    - The invoice for the products must be checked immediately before electronic payment and in the event that there are notes after payment, the Platform must be notified in a written form within 14 (fourteen) calendar days of the date of the invoice. Submitting a complaint does not give a buyer the right to suspend any transactions related to this invoice.
    - A buyer has no right to cancel the auctions s/he wins. A buyer should also compensate the farmer for all the claims and rights claimed by any third party to obtain compensation for any damages as a result of his failure to comply.
    Rules of transporters:
    A registered member with the purpose of transporting products/goods within borders of a specific country or in an international way with any type of transportation units shall be deemed as a transporter.
    - A transporter shall undertake to provide all proof of their personal and commercial identity, and s/he must not impersonate others.
    - A transporter adheres to the rates offered by the Platform, and shall bear any errors caused by him/her or his/her representative.
    - A transporter is obligated to pay any special commission mentioned in the Platform or any taxes or fees imposed by the state on the sale process such as value added tax and others. A transporter is solely responsible for such matters.
    - A transporter is obligated to provide all the information that the buyer needs to ship the products and goods, which includes but is not limited to the price, dates and times related to shipping, conditions for shipping and other information.
    Payment rules:
    - All prices shown are in US dollars.
    - The Platform receives the value of purchases from the buyer on behalf of the farmer and transporter via electronic payment and is kept at the Platform until their receipt is confirmed.
    - Payment is made to the farmer upon confirmation of receipt of the goods by the buyer or the carrier, on behalf of the buyer, and ascertaining that it is free from defects. This is done by depositing the value in the farmer's bank account through electronic payment or issuing a check in his name after deducting any expenses or amounts due or the commission rate.
    - Payment is made to the shipping service provider upon confirmation of receipt of orders from the buyer and after ensuring that the goods are free of defects. This is done by depositing the value in the farmer's bank account by electronic payment or issuing a check in his name after deducting any expenses or amounts due or deducting the commission rate.
    - All parties in the relationship are obligated to pay any special commission on the Platform or any taxes or fees imposed by the state on the sale process such as value-added tax and others.
    - The Platform has the right to make adjustments to the transaction fees as it deems appropriate. Any modification will be announced through the client's correspondence on his email, and the modifications may be temporary or continuous and must be adhered to according to its terms when it is announced.

Правила Фермера

    - The statement of the sale proceeds is issued to farmers and shipping service providers on a monthly basis and at the end of each Gregorian month and it is sent to him for conformity and review within 7 (seven) business days, and if the Platform does not reach any notes during this period, the statement is considered valid.
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    4Bazzar собирает ваши персональные данные прямо через вас или косвенно, 4Bazzar собирает эти данные через информацию, которую вы предоставляете себе для регистрации в любой из служб веб-сайта, и эти данные включают, например, личное имя, пол, дату рождения. , почтовый адрес, электронная почта, номер телефона и другие данные.
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